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Editing Services

I provide developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting services.

Developmental editing looks at the big picture. It focuses on organizing a manuscript and thinking through theme, point of view, story arc, character development, and narrative structure.


Line editing digs deep into sentence structure, continuity, and sometimes organization. It involves rephrasing and sometimes rewriting copy.


Copy editing ensures consistency of style, spelling, and vocabulary. A good copyeditor also looks for language that could offend readers and potential copyright violations. 


Does a character have green eyes in one chapter but blue in another? Do they walk into a kitchen and then turn on the shower? Those are errors in continuity. And I'll fix those!

Sentence Structure

Let me be your grammar chief! I'll get rid of dangling participles, clear up confusing pronouns, enforce parallel construction and more. All so your reader doesn't stumble, misunderstand, or laugh when they shouldn't.


A sentence may make sense on another page. Or maybe an explanation would be better earlier in the manuscript. I'll point it out and ask how you want to handle it. Or I'll suggest a solution.

Vocabulary & Spelling

Sometimes a writer gets almost the right word. I'll ask and often suggest the word I thought maybe you meant. Imminent or eminent, for example. I use Merriam-Webster 's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition.

Sensitivity & Copyrights

I'll confirm if any quoted material is under copyright and suggest how to handle it. I'll also point out any terminology or usage that could offend readers.


I use the Chicago Manual of Style. But dialogue should sound like how your character would talk. So sometimes, rules can be broken.


Proofreading Isn't Editing!

They're different skills used by different professionals at different stages. While I do fix typos and strive to provide clean edits, typos can still escape notice—yours and mine.

I encourage clients to hire a proofreader to review files immediately prior to production, particularly when using a typesetter. Proofreaders also look for errors in the typesetting process.

I can refer you to professional proofreaders for that final, important step.

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