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Working with Me


My fee is based on original word count. I ask for a deposit, with the balance due at the end. Price starts at .02 per word and includes two editing passes and collaboration until the manuscript is final.


While we work together, I'm available via email, phone, and Zoom. I'm also happy to talk through any questions you have.


I work in MS Word and will deliver the edited manuscript with Track Changes turned on. If you're not familiar with how to use this feature, I'm happy to explain!

Contracts & NDAs

I provide a nondisclosure agreement, which guarantees I'll keep your manuscript private. Our contract sets expectations on both sides and makes the process and deliverables clear for everyone.

Ebooks & Design

I use Vellum to convert final manuscripts to EPUB files for all platforms, along with a PDF for print-on-demand paperbacks. This is an add-on service.


Technology is amazing, but nothing replaces the human brain. I read each manuscript. I do not use AI. However, I do use MS Word's spell check and sometimes Grammarly's spell check function.


Your final redlined manuscript will come with a style sheet. It includes a memo/summary, CMOS citations related to most edits, a vocabulary sheet, and explanations of next steps.

Test Edits

I'm happy to do a test edit of several pages to determine if we're a good fit! However, in order to provide a price, I need to see the entire manuscript.


Every manuscript has different needs and a unique schedule. Once I see the entire manuscript and get started editing, I develop a schedule and keep you in the loop on progress.

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