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Helena Jayne Bryant
Blue Moon, Rare Fire

“When I hired Kristy, I considered it a wonderful stroke of good fortune to find someone so gifted, affordable, and personable. It didn’t take long before I realized our collaboration wasn’t 

serendipitous at all—it was fate. My words felt safe in her hands, my story came to life, and my manuscript made the journey from unpolished draft to published book. I highly recommend Kristy. She is professional, trustworthy and extremely talented. May every aspiring author be so lucky as to have Kristy in their corner.”

Quynh Forss
Fleeing to Freedom

“Kristy delivered exceptional work and was a pleasure to work with. Her communication skills were top-notch and she met all deadlines. She edited my memoir and made it so much better! I would not hesitate to work with Kristy again, she's fabulous!”

Stacy Sato
The Missing Link

“If you’re looking for a skilled, talented and responsive editor, look no further! I was blown away at what an outstanding job Kristy did on editing my manuscript! She caught all of the little (and big) things that I missed. She was extremely communicative with me throughout the process, and she was always respectful when recommending changes. She treated my manuscript as if it were her own, and I could tell that she cared about my project. I will absolutely use her again in the future, and I highly recommend her to all! She will be my go-to editor on all future projects. She is simply THE BEST!”

Diana Rachel Bletter
The Loving Yourself Book for Women: A Practical Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Heal Your Inner Child, and Celebrate the Woman You Are

“Working with Kristy was a true pleasure. Kristy is extremely professional, communicative, prompt and kind. Her editing is on-point, giving wonderful insight and never missing a mistake or room for improvement. The project was finished really quickly, communication was excellent, all questions were answered and even extra tips and feedback was given.”

Thomas Gandolfi
Owner, Tanstaafl Press

“Kristy is a gem ... not even a gem in the rough, but a full-fledged, marquis-cut, polished diamond. Prior to Kristy, I had an editor I was happy with for 11 years. I found K after that business relationship ended. I'm 110% MORE happy with Kristy than I was with my old editor ... Trust me. Hire her quickly before her time is so full you don't have a chance.”

Nadine Feldman
The Emergence of New Elaine

“If I could give ten stars to Kristy for her professionalism and communication skills, I would. She updated me regularly as to her progress and provided prompt, thorough service. Her edits were thorough and thoughtful. I’m very pleased!”

James Cummings
The Unicorn and the Dragon

“I am extremely happy that I chose Kristy to edit and proof read my middle grade fiction book. Many candidates applied but Kristy stood out and she certainly did not disappoint. She was thorough, dedicated and incredibly helpful throughout the whole project and improved my manuscript massively. I will definitely hire her again when I need any other related work as she was a joy to work with - she delivered before the deadlines and went above and beyond my expectations—I highly recommend you hire her for your literary project 10/10.”

Ashley Marie Berry
Separate Things

“Kristy brought me out of my comfort zone, posing questions to urge me to go deeper into my story, giving me the space to shed my vulnerabilties. I felt like our correspondences were between friends, which let me open completely in my writing.  I appreciated how she explained her edits, which allowed me to grow as an author. She was very professional and efficient. I'm extremely happy with how the book came out. She added that little touch of wisdom to make it complete."

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