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What I Edit

I work with both manuscripts and corporate/marketing communications.

Fiction Manuscripts

  • Fantasy/Steampunk

  • Sci-Fi

  • Historical Fiction

  • Mystery

  • Suspense

  • Crime

  • Urban Fiction

  • Horror

  • Young Adult

  • Children's/Middle Grade

  • Family/Relationship Drama

  • Magical Realism

Nonfiction Manuscripts

  • Memoir

  • Self-Help

  • Business

  • Metaphysics/New Age

  • Spiritual

Corporate/Marketing Communications

In my 32 years of marcom/corp com work, I've been responsible for quality-control editing (brand, style, tone, voice, grammar, accuracy, consistency, etc.) for six large companies. My target audience: millions of customers across four states, plus business partners. I interpret complicated features and important topics for commercial and government contracts, making sure content is understandable, accurate, and on brand—all while managing multiple versions of documents and helping the organization meet sales and service goals. I have a sharp memory, an incredible eye for detail, an obsessive love of style guides, and a gift for distilling complicated ideas into simple, reader-friendly copy.

I can bring my skills and experience to your brochures, white papers, annual reports, blogs, newsletters, web copy, letters, and more.

Colorful Books

My Niche

I work with writers and publishers of all kinds. One of my specialties, however, is women's empowerment and manuscripts by and for women—particularly memoirs. I've found that sharing stories is a gift to both writer and reader.


It's also incredibly healing. When you send your story out into the world, you own the story, and the story stops owning you.

To hone my memoir skills, I've completed a memoir-writing workshop through Sarah Lawrence College School of Writing.

I also work with a group of local women who are developing their skills as writers and memoirists.

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