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Freelance copyeditor and line editor

Kristy Phillips

Freelance copyeditor and line editor 

Why Editing 

Have you ever been watching a movie when the audio goes out of sync? Actors' mouths don't match their voices! Suddenly you're very aware that you're watching a movie. 


The spell is broken.

I work to make sure your readers' spell isn't broken. I fine-tune sentence structure, punctuation, vocabulary, consistency, and continuity so that your copy is clear, correct, concise, and accessible to your audience.


Because errors, inconsistencies, awkward sentences, and the wrong word trip up a reader—and they end up putting down the copy and walking away.

You don't want that for your project.

Your voice, style, and tone are safe with me. We'll be partners in the creation of a finished manuscript or copy document that's polished, clear, and ready for the next step.

My goal: to get your words edited and out into the world, where they can do their magic.

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